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May 7, 2017


I have finished up my typing/ first round editing of Intermezzo. Now I’ve begun typing Grave — or I should say my mom is doing most of the typing while I dictate and edit with some typing. At this point, I am alternating between editing Intermezzo and typing/editing Grave. Grave is a bit more of a challenge since it wasn’t written in chronological order, and I have to put it in order. Plus, I put notes for future books in the margins, which have to be typed up.

I began writing Grave in earnest in August of 2014 — the August after my stroke. That is sort of interesting, at least to me. My mom mentioned my style is different than previously. She seems to like it better. My handwriting was certainly shaky back then, but all things considered it was remarkably legible. I was still getting used to using my right hand to write again. After my stroke, I couldn’t use either hand to do much of anything. Not to mention, in no time in my life was my handwriting ever going to win an award for beauty! A thank you goes to God and His Son Jesus for His mercy.

I’ve started writing five books at a time. I started Book 5 of Nocturne’s Reaping®, Etude, when I finished writing Grave. Plus, I recently started a whole new book. Initially, I wrote a page in two books one day then a page in the other three on a subsequent day. But writing in three books in one day proved to be difficult. So instead, I am doing two in a given day. I am repeating days for Labyrinth — a book that’s the first of a three-part dystopian series and is the one of the five that is the closest to being finished. Making slower progress on the others allows me to be open to new avenues and extend the pacing and length of the books. But once I get close to the end of a particular book, such as with Labyrinth, I think it is better to be more focused and revisit it more often in order to keep up the pace and momentum.

Lastly, I will be posting Prelude two chapters a month starting today. God willing, I plan to post two chapters on the seventh of each month. Chapters 1 and 2 were already posted. I’ll be posting these on Word Press and my website: http://www.jenniferalicechandler.com  or http://www.nocturnesreaping.com

My books will continue to be in e-book format on Amazon (Kindle) and in paperback format on Amazon/ CreateSpace. I won’t be enrolled in the Kindle Select or Kindle Unlimited programs any longer though.

Thanks for reading this!

Jennifer Chandler


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Despite the title, things are still going well on the writing front. I’m writing in two different books on a fairly regular basis. Still, I have some adjusting to do of my expectations. My brain still has some recovering to do from the stroke, and it gets worn out easier than it had previously. My handwriting starts to get wonky and Lego Batman from the first DS game starts to veer off of buildings. It’s probably not unlike cramming for an exam. Eventually, your brain is done performing until you rest it. It occurred to me that I might be taking on too many new things. I recently joined a book club at my local library, which I’m happy about. Some of the selections aren’t my cup of tea, however. So, I’ve been trying to read one of them faster just to get through it. Plus, like a kid in a free candy store, there are other books I’ve been reading or wanting to get to. Still, I have concluded it’s better to read slower, so I don’t overtax myself. I’m not giving up on reading or Lego Batman, but I figure it’s better to have a sustainable schedule than burn out.

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Unfortunately, on Jan 20th, 2014 I had a stroke. It started early in the morning while I was sleeping. Unbeknownst to me at that time, I have a rare genetic condition that affects my folic acid levels and leads to increased homocysteine levels and blood clotting. Most people have two of these specific genes. I have none. I presumably could have had a stroke at any time, but as it turns out I had it when I could best be treated instead. I credit God for that as well as for the fact that I’m still alive and the damage wasn’t more severe. I am grateful to my parents for their support and love. I am also grateful for all those who prayed for me. I am thankful for the medical professionals who took care of me the 23 days I was in the hospital as well as those that gave me physical therapy and such since I’ve been home. As of now, I am still trying to regain the full use of my arms. Compared to the condition my arms were in after I regained consciousness following my brain surgery and the 4 1/2 days on life support, I am doing remarkably well. Thank you very much for reading this. Jenny

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